Male Uniformed and Public Services student standing in front of rock climbing wall in a sports hall

Catching Up With Tom: What’s it Like To Be a Uniformed and Public Services Learner?


Are you interested in pursuing a degree in the uniformed and public services? 

At UCW we celebrate that the diverse range of career opportunities in this field are incredibly vast and ever-growing.  

Emergency Services, Health and Safety and Social Services, just to name a few, are examples of the extremely rewarding and fulfilling occupations our BA (Hons) Uniformed and Public Services graduates have gone on to excel in.  

We got the opportunity to chat with 2022 UPS graduate, Tom, to learn about his experience on the course.  

Tom, who previously went to Gordano School before studying Level 3 Extended Diploma in Protective Services at Weston College, stated that he picked UCW for several reasons, telling us “my interest in public services drew me to the course and I knew having a degree would increase my employability”. 

We asked Tom:

What skills did you gain during your course? 

Over the duration of the course I have developed my leadership, communication, writing and confidence. All of these skills have placed me in a better position for employment. 

Then we asked:

Would you recommend the Uniformed and Public Services degree course?  

I would definitely recommend the course to anyone. The UPS team are extremely welcoming and kind. Also, they provide any help required and the units on the course are very interesting too. 

The various support services provided by the HEART team were made very clear to me and my tutors over the three years were very approachable. Whenever I did have an issue, I was able to speak to them and the issue would be resolved. 

Our Higher Education Academic Registry Team (HEART) that Tom mentions are UCW’s Student Services, with the incredible staff always on hand to provide additional and individual support. You can reach the team via email at or telephone on 01934 411 403 if you would like to find out more about the support on offer. 

A huge thanks to Tom for providing such great insight into his course. 

If you would like to find out more about BA (Hons) Uniformed and Public Services and how to apply, click here