Mental Health within Healthcare
Mental Health within Healthcare
Mental Health within Healthcare
Mental Health within Healthcare
Mental Health within Healthcare
Level 5

Within this short course you will foster an understanding of how mental health is affecting the health sector whilst discussing strategies around best working practice. The short course is broken down into two discreet sections.

These are: Risk Management for Mental Health and Professional Assessment for Mental Health. This short course will be delivered through a blended approach, including face to face and remote delivery.  

Here at UCW, all of our staff are professional qualified with many years industry experience of working within the NHS as nurses. 

Content you will study:

  • Policy, legislation, standards local ways of working and codes of conduct that apply to own role. 
  • Safeguarding vulnerable adults and issues of mental capacity 
  • Identifying potential hazards and managing these within scope of own practice  
  • Ethical considerations according to relevant policy within your mental health setting 
  • Evaluating risk of service users and crisis situations 
  • Mitigating risk on discharge and within the home setting 
  • Community treatment orders and risk within the community 
  • Understanding the risk management procedure within your mental health setting 
  • Framework for health needs  
  • Understanding and evaluating mental health vs mental illness  
  • Mental Health continuum models 
  • Evaluate evidence based and therapeutic interventions such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and why these would be utilised in a particular situation 
  • How to monitor the impacts of an intervention and plan for change 
  • Communication with a diverse range of service users, some of whom may be experiencing perceptual difficulties 
  • Relevant manuals of diagnosis, for example the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, and the International Classification of Disease 
  • Holistic assessment; evaluating whether a mental health diagnosis is useful 

This course will be delivered at the Winter Gardens campus

As part of your assessment, you will need to:

  • Make a 5 minute presentation with professional discussion
  • Write a 1500 word report.

Entry Requirements

Because all of the new short courses are of a level 4 standard to be eligible for these you will need to have:

  • A level 3 qualification
  • Or 3 years relevant experience in the field you wish to study.

All candidates will need to apply and attend a course guidance interview to ensure your placement is appropriate and will enable you to pass the module  

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