Coaching Practice and Skill Development
Coaching Practice and Skill Development
Coaching Practice and Skill Development
Coaching Practice and Skill Development
Coaching Practice and Skill Development
Level 4

This course will give you the opportunity to develop a sound understanding of the principles in sports through a mixture of academic and practical sessions, where you will put into practice the knowledge learnt in an academic environment. 

All of our staff are professional qualified with industry experience of working as professional coaches and who all carry accredited coaching qualifications.

The sessions will be delivered face-to-face due to the practical requirements of the course i.e. planning and delivering effective coaching sessions.

The content you will cover:

The aim of this unit is to provide you with the knowledge and understanding of coaching practice and the skill development associated with athlete performance. You will engage in researching the impact of different coaching practices, working in various environments, utilising resources, developing skills and planning effective sessions.

You will gain an understanding of the importance of developing sessions dependent on the group’s demographics. As you progress through this programme you will gain the practical and technical knowledge to review the positives and negatives of coaching practice and skill development and so gain a competitive edge. Further, you will understand how to plan effective coaching sessions that meet the needs of the group you are leading. The knowledge, understanding and skill sets gained in this unit will help you to appreciate the varied coaching environments in which you might work.


This course will be delivered at the Health and Active Living Skills Centre.


As part of your assessment, you will need to:

  • Create a portfolio of evidence worth 2000 words.
  • Deliver a 15 minute presentation
  • Write a 1500 word essay.


Funding of short courses:

As part of an Office for Students (OFS) initiative for 2024/25.  University Centre Weston is proud to launch this course for free. We have added 5 new short courses that are free of charge, offering you the opportunity to develop your skills, refresh old ones or give you the chance to try something new and develop new ones. 

These new short courses are mapped against the standards for Higher Technical Qualification (HTQ) and are designed to be a combination both academic and practical in their nature.  It is important to note that because of the practical nature of the courses you may need to be in a position to use where you work to provide evidence for some of the assessments although this does depend upon the short course you choose.

Entry Requirements

Because all of the new short courses are of a level 4 standard to be eligible for these you will need to:

  • Have a level 3 qualification
  • Or 3 years relevant experience in the field you wish to study.
  • To apply and attend a course guidance interview

For further information or advice on these free short courses please do not hesitate to contact

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