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Where Are They Now? Scott’s Journey From Musical Theatre Student to Disney Star


Have you ever considered studying a degree in Musical Theatre to kick off your career in the Arts? 

…But where can it take you? 

Here at UCW we understand the importance of supporting and nurturing our students throughout their time here, to achieve their dreams and land highly sought-after roles in their chosen industry. 

Our alumni have had outstanding success, and we love hearing all about their journeys and what they have been up to. 

We recently caught up with Scott. 

Scott is a 2022 alumnus. Graduating with a first-class degree in Musical Theatre, he gained agent representation with Ryder Management directly from his third-year showcase. However, Scott’s successes don’t end there. Perhaps the most exciting of all his achievements, he has recently begun working with Disney at Disneyland Paris! 

As someone whose journey is a great example of where sheer talent, determination and passion can get you, we were keen to ask Scott some questions that might inspire the next generation of hopeful graduates. 

After leaving university, I kept myself busy with multiple part time jobs, such as bar work, dog sitting and singing around Weston/Bristol care homes. I was also fortunate enough to have signed with Ryder Management, a talent agency based in London and Wales. I was introduced to this agency through the lecturers at UCW. Since signing with them, they kept me very busy with lots of brilliant auditions, be it via self-tapes or in person, for Cruises, Musical Theatre shows abroad, Apple TV and Disney. The most exciting news to come from it all is that I have been offered a position at Disneyland Paris as a performer in one of their live shows! Subject to contract, I should be working for them for the best part of 2023. Through my agency, they requested that I provide a self-tape audition for a couple of different shows and characters. I was called back for the in person singing auditions for 2 characters and then for the final movement call. The panel were all very lovely, and only want to see you succeed.

Due to conditions within his contract, Scott is unable to disclose the specific character he will be playing, but he tells us:  

I will be living and working within the Disneyland Paris complex, 15/20 minutes away from the city of Paris and 10 minutes away from what I believe is the biggest shopping village in Europe, La Vallee Village. I will be performing a few days a week; plus any extra special events they might call me for.  


There is so much to look forward too with this opportunity, the chance to live in Paris, learning a new language, my first professional performing job, working for Disney. But one particular event that I think will be incredible is celebrating LGBTQ+ Pride at Disneyland in June! I am sure It will literally be magical!
The course at UCW was a very full-on schedule all the time. There was never a dull moment. The lecturers gave us the fundamental tools to become professional performers. Not only that, they went above and beyond with the guest lecturers, webinars and workshops with a whole calibre of creative professionals who are actively working on massive projects around the world. From current Broadway writers to West-end directors, I even remember a webinar in which a director at 20th Centruy Fox was present! The staff were also brilliant at UCW. They encourage you to express and celebrate your individuality and that which makes you unique, whilst helping you cement the techniques needed to be a performer. As someone that was dreading the written aspect of my degree, I felt as though I had so much support, but also given the freedom and opportunity to think for myself. The lecturers all have such exciting and professional working backgrounds, so I knew I was in very capable hands. They were also very caring and understanding. They would lend an ear to those that needed it for whatever reason and support us in any way possible. The most memorable moments were working with our lecturers, and guest choreographer Ashley Luke Lloyd on our final production of "Pippin" at The Tropicana. It might sound weird, but without Covid-19, I wouldn't have the extended knowledge and skills to begin my career in this new digital world of auditions. Working with Grace Taylor, Rob Rockiki and Sarah-Beth Pfeifer on their new musical "Experience Marianas" was incredible and of course, meeting and working with the man behind the agency I am now signed too, Craig Ryder.
For those just starting out, have fun! Let go of everything you think you know, and be open to learning from the best, and in great facilities as well. If I can do it, anyone can.


Scott finished off his interview by saying 

 I would highly recommend my course. If I can talk this highly about it whilst studying through a global pandemic, I can only imagine how brilliant it must be without Covid affecting it. 

 Thank you Sylvia, Kyle, Abi, Joe, Nikki and Beky for all your efforts over the last 3 years. Maybe one day I’ll come and join you in the corridor again. But for now, Au Revoir!  

All of us at UCW would like to say a huge thank you to Scott for giving us some insight into his time here. We have every faith that he will go on to achieve amazing things…and already is! 

Congratulations on landing such an incredible role, and good luck for the future. 

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