Representing Excellence: Ffinian’s Story as Student Representative of the Year


Ffinian Elliott has been named as University Centre Weston’s Student Representative of the Year. Reflecting on this recognition, he says, “I’m amazed; it’s an honour and a privilege to be nominated for such a prestigious award. The fact that so many have recognised my work shows that it’s appreciated and valued.”

Ffinian attributes his nomination to his active role in running the student “surgery,” a platform where students can voice anything that is troubling them. “I get such a vast range of issues, worries, and concerns that my fellow students bring to my attention, and I do my utmost to ensure that these issues are actioned. It’s also an element of trust; people put trust in me to deal with their problems confidentially and without judgement,” he explains.

Currently in his fourth year at UCW, Ffinian is pursuing a degree apprenticeship with Hewlett Packard Enterprise. His academic journey began at St Joseph’s RC High School in Newport, followed by A levels at St David’s Catholic College Cardiff. He chose UCW for its smaller campus and class sizes, saying, “At no other university would you get the level of help and guidance from lecturers.”

One of Ffinian’s notable academic achievements was earning a 2:1 in a project management module. He recalls, “Never in my life did I think I could do it; the help and guidance I received was spectacular!” This success significantly boosted Ffinian’s confidence.

As an apprentice at Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Ffinian works on block storage, gaining valuable hands-on experience. He says, “The training, the people, the work; it all works together to make a fantastic employer that I’d recommend to all who want to get into software engineering.”

Ffinian speaks highly of UCW’s facilities, highlighting their state-of-the-art computers, monitors, and teaching technology. “The dedicated lab is paramount in teaching the core skills in Networking & Security, as well as Cyber Security,” he notes.

One of his memorable experiences was serving as an industry judge for the WorldSkills National Finals in Manchester. “It was tiring, challenging, time-consuming, the lot. But I’d do it all again in a heartbeat; the skills you learn doing this event are indispensable,” he shares.

Ffinian plans to further his career in software engineering, hopefully continuing with Hewlett Packard Enterprise. His long-term goal is “to be the best I can be in my field.”

Reflecting on his time at UCW, Ffinian states, “The list of industry skills you learn to excel in is endless, and the soft skills help you in all aspects of what you want to do, not only in work but outside of work as well.”

To those considering studying at UCW, Ffinian offers this advice: “Go for it; you won’t regret it. This is where ideas flourish, brilliance excels, and futures are made.”

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