Digital and Technology Solutions, BSc (Hons)




UCW’s Degree Apprenticeship in Digital and Technology Solutions is a great way to achieve an Honours Degree while working full-time and getting paid, and businesses can use their Apprenticeship Levy contributions to pay for the upskilling of valued members of staff.

This Degree Apprenticeship is a full Honours Degree delivered in partnership by UCW and UWE Bristol which leads to the awarding of a BSc (Hons) qualification in Digital and Technology Solutions.

Degree Apprenticeships are the fantastic new way for employers to upskill members of staff with degree-level skills and knowledge in the key areas needed to grow their businesses.

As well as providing employers with a great way to train and retain valued members of staff, Degree Apprenticeships can also help organisations fill skills gaps and convince employees that they have a real stake in helping the businesses they work for be successful.

  • Course length

    4 years (1 day a week)

  • Start date

    7th September 2020

  • Course codes

    Institution: N/A
    Campus: N/A
    Course: N/A

  • Tuition fees

    Part-time: £27,000 for the full course.

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UWE partnership

Delivered in partnership…

This course is delivered in partnership with the University of the West of England (UWE).

So students get the best of both worlds – the enhanced support and increased contact with lecturers that sets us apart, and full access to all the resources and facilities at UCW and a nearby university.

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