performaing arts degree weston students celebrating under festival tent

Alumni Take to the Stage – “From The Mud Summer Festival” Announced


This summer, alumni from UCW performing arts are hosting a festival to present the exciting work our artists they have created!

Weston-based cabaret group “From The Mud” is a student formed group which enables Weston’s finest emerging artists to take to the stage.

Having hosted a monthly cabaret show for over a year, the outgoing group are hosting the “From The Mud Summer Festival”, supported by Culture Weston. The exciting event will feature variety of drama, music, poetry, comedy and acts that defy description all taking place across 4 days, 9 shows and 7 venues across Weston-super-Mare.

We absolutely love seeing our local artists taking initiative and showcasing their passion through self-made groups such as this! We want to wish all of our alumni the very best of luck:

Weston College Performing Arts Alumni: Chloe Ellen, Joe Brooks, Hanna Ackerman, George Evans 

UCW Performing Arts Alumni: Jess Hicks, Jordan Cottle, Jack Stringer, George Jacobs, Mia Borthwick, Will Jones, Josh Bennett, Rob Macnabb, Adam Leppard, Georgie Boulton, Matt Fleming, Alice Forrester, Coral Adlam, Clare Finlan, Joe Brooks

UCW Musical Theatre Alumni: Hannah Ackerman, George Evans, Shelly Nicholson

Our performing arts degree programme has recently been replaced by a band new BA (hons) Acting and Performance Making where students explore different styles of acting and gain the professional know-how needed to make your mark in the performance industry.


Get full details of the festival and get your tickets here

Check out From The Mud’s Facebook page for updates here