Interactive board showing presentation for Uniformed Public Services students - slide with photo of '25 Cromwell St.' sign

Detective Inspector Visits Uniformed and Public Services Students


Uniformed and Public Services degree students and Access to HE students were recently lucky enough to have a guest session from former Detective Inspector Tony Jay.

Tony gave the students a detailed account of his first-hand experiences of dealing with the events that took place at the notorious address of 25 Cromwell St, Gloucester, otherwise known as The Fred and Rose West Murder case.

Over 40 students attended the session which detailed how the events were detected, investigated, and eventually prosecuted.

Tony’s experiences of the case were fascinating for students from multiple disciplines to hear and really enhanced their understanding of the different agencies that were involved in the investigation.

Tony also spent a good deal of time answering questions from the students, with such a fascinating case there were many!

A huge thank you to Tony and a well done to our students who asked some insightful and probing questions!

This guest speaker forms part of the Uniformed and Public Services Careers Excellence Hub.  

By being part of a Career Excellence Hub, all of our courses are designed to make you “job ready” when you graduate. We work with a diverse range of local and national employers to ensure our courses are upgraded with career-boosting benefits, and curriculum content is relevant to today’s industry. 

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