Snake at Puxton Park

Children’s University Members Enjoy Adventure at Puxton Park


This week our North Somerset Children’s University members took part in an Animal Management Workshop at Puxton Park Tourist Attraction. This initiative encourages children to engage with Higher Education and consider what they want to do in the future through fun and engaging extracurricular activities. The North Somerset Children’s University helps primary school age children to raise their aspirations and develop a love for learning.  

Puxton Park is the location of our facilities for Animal Management learners including the Animal Management FdSc from UCW, getting the learners right up close to the animals they’ll be working with.

Members made animal cells out of sweets to practice their science skills. Then they got to take a private tractor ride and even got the chance to meet some Puxton Park residents! They met a meerkat, rabbits, tortoises, hedgehogs, cows and a very large snake!  

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A child's diagram of an animal cell A child petting a rabbit

A staff member holding a lizard A staff member holding a tortoise.

A meerkat standing on a stump. A child holding a rabbit.

Cows eating from a feed trough. Children making cell diagrams in a classroom.

A child holding a lizard. A child stroking a hedgehog.