Animal Management, FdSc




This Foundation Degree will equip you with the scientific knowledge, understanding of animal biology and welfare, and business and research skills required to get ahead in the fields of animal management, science and husbandry.

As a £1 billion industry with more than 13,000 businesses in the UK alone, there are so many employment opportunities in the sectors relating to animal management and science. This Foundation Degree enhances students’ attractiveness to these employers by providing a broad base of skills and knowledge in key areas including animal biology, behaviour, welfare, health and nutrition.

Alongside this academic study, you’ll learn the analytical and research skills required for further study, and you’ll also have to obtain and undertake a work placement with an organisation dealing with wildlife, pets or livestock. This approach of combining practical experience of handling animals with in-depth theoretical knowledge and work-based learning is what sets the FdSc in Animal Management apart.

  • Course length

    Full-time: 2 years (2 days a week)
    Part-time: 3 years (1.5 days a week)

  • Start date

    9th September 2019

  • Course codes

    Institution: W47
    Course: D302
    Campus: –

  • Tuition fees

    Full-time: £8,250 per year
    Part-time: £5,500 per year

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UWE partnership

Delivered in partnership…

This course is delivered in partnership with the University of the West of England (UWE).

So students get the best of both worlds – the enhanced support and increased contact with lecturers that sets us apart, and full access to all the resources and facilities at UCW and a nearby university.

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