Alistair Cameron-Kettle & Jake Britton with the RTS Award Certificate

Celebrating Success: The Quiet Artist Wins Prestigious RTS Craft Award in Sound


A film by a group of students on the BA Hons Film and Media course, ‘The Quiet Artist’ has been awarded a craft award in Sound at the esteemed RTS West of England Student Awards. A big congratulations to sound designer on the film, Alistair Cameron-Kettle for this outstanding achievement! 

“The Quiet Artist” stood out not only for its exceptional sound design but also for its poignant exploration of neurodiversity, earning commendation from the judges for its commitment to authenticity. This accolade is a testament to Alistair’s dedication and talent, as well as to the collaborative efforts of the entire team behind the film. 

The credits for the film are as follows:  

  • Director Nate Sadler 
  • Starring – Jake Britton (as The Quiet Artist) 
  • Camera – Alfie Walsh 
  • Sound – Alistair Cameron-Kettle 
  • Producer – Meg Moody and Alistair Cameron-Kettle 
  • Edited by Alfie Walsh 

Alistair shared his initial reaction to the news of winning the award. “First reaction: surprise & disbelief,” he admitted. “Not something I ever expected.” Yet, as the reality sank in, he found himself feeling deeply contented, recognising the significance of this validation in his work. 

For Alistair, this award serves as more than just a feather in his cap. It signifies a milestone in his journey as a sound engineer, providing tangible evidence of his skills and experience. As he looks toward the future, he sees this recognition as a valuable asset, one that will undoubtedly set him apart in his career pursuits. 

Reflecting on his time at UCW, Alistair expressed gratitude for the support and resources available to him. The guidance of lecturers and access to top-notch equipment played a crucial role in shaping his skills and style. Alistair even said: “If you’re looking to book out equipment you’re spoiled for choice.” From mastering the intricacies of sound design to exploring new creative avenues, UCW has been instrumental in his growth and development. 

Looking ahead, Alistair’s ambitions remain high. He and his team already have another film, shot on location recently at Boscastle in Cornwall, in post-production. Alistair continues to push boundaries and explore new territories in sound design. He is also eager to share his knowledge and experience, speaking to Level 2 FE students to nurture the next generation of filmmakers. 

Congratulations once again to Alistair Cameron-Kettle and the entire team for this well-deserved honour! Find out more about his course by clicking here


You can watch ‘The Quiet Artist’ by clicking here

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