Biolab & HMPP students collab

Biolab and Hair and Make-up Students Collab in the Lab


Here at UCW we’re all about collaboration and encouraging our students to think outside the box.

With this in mind, we were delighted to see our Hair, Make-up and Prosthetics for Production (HMPP) students in the lab last week, working alongside our FdSc Biological Laboratory Sciences  students in a Microbiology session.

According to our brilliant lecturers, it was a fun joint session with cross-curricular learning through experiential experience. The experiment students carried out, investigated the efficacy of sanitisers and disinfectants used in beauty rooms and studios (in terms of supressing the presence of microorganisms on surfaces such as hairbrushes etc). 

Elena, Lecturer in Biolab Access to HE, told us:

“we found that this cross-curricular project was directly relevant and beneficial to both degree programmes, BioLab and HMPP.  Both groups bonded very quickly, immersed themselves into the experiment, fully enjoyed the experiential learning and immensely benefited from the session. 

The HMPP students were super curious, highly motivated and eager to learn in a laboratory environment. I found that HMPP really immersed themselves and wanted to get involved in all aspects of the experiment: preparing microbiological media, plating bacteria, using micropipettes etc.  The Fdsc Biolab, students really enjoyed being ‘demonstrators’ and it was extremely beneficial for them to show off their lab skills and coach HMPP students during the experiment.”

Both groups found the session incredibly useful and engaging. 

Bethany, third year HMPP student, told us “I really enjoyed attending the microbiology sessions and testing the cleaning solutions that we use in our makeup studios. It was great to have a go at doing the experiment. Learning that Barbicide disinfectant killed 100% of cells was so interesting, something that I will always remember throughout my career!”

Great work guys!

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