Biological Laboratory Sciences, FdSc

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This diverse course explores all aspects of biological life, from genes and cells to populations and ecosystems, and will prepare you for laboratory roles or further study on a research career pathway.

The course provides all of the practical skills needed for working in a laboratory, including preparing solutions, chemical handling and working with state-of-the-art laboratory instruments. You will also undertake nutritional, chemical and microbiological analysis of food, air, soil and water, and investigate chemical synthesis, gene cloning, protein analysis and other microbiological techniques.

You will study the key environmental and biological principles that govern the natural world, diseases, anatomy and physiology, and gain the enhanced research skills required for further study.

  • Course length

    Full-time: 2 years (2 days a week) Part-time: 3 years (1.5 days per week)

  • Start date

    13th September 2021

  • Course codes

    Institution: W47
    Course: BLS1
    Campus: -

  • Tuition fees

    Full-time: £8,250 per year
    Part-time: £5,700 in year 1, £5,650 in years 2 and 3

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This course is taught in UCW's state-of-the-art laboratories by a King's College London graduate with a first-class Degree in Biotechnology and a PhD in Microbiology

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