Elin with headset on while stage managing

Alumni Profile: Catching Up with Elin


Every week we’re highlighting our incredible alumni and the amazing things they’re doing post-graduation! 

This week we’re talking all things Elin! 

Elin is a very recent UCW leaver, graduating this year with a degree in Musical Theatre. With this in mind, her achievements are even more impressive as she has truly hit the ground running, with little rest, to really build the momentum of her career.  

What is Elin up to now? She told us all about her latest roles:  

I’m currently the Tour and Technical Stage Manager for I Spy with My Little Eye with The People’s Theatre Company. We’re touring England, Scotland and, later on, Dubai. After that I’m going to be the Deputy Stage Manager on the pantomime Peter Pan at the Ashcroft Theatre in Croydon.  

Earlier during this summer, I also got to be a part of Journeys Festival International in Leicester as an Assistant Stage Manager.  

I am extremely fortunate that they are all different roles within stage management, which means I get to learn a lot and develop my skills within all of them.  

We’re so impressed with just how much amazing experience Elin has managed to fit into her brief time post-university! 

She’s also a brilliant example of the diverse ways in which you can apply your degree to different elements of your chosen industry. Elin began her journey focused on performing, and now calls upon her knowledge and expertise in Musical Theatre to be the most effective stage manager she can be.  

She says: 

At UCW I gained an extensive knowledge about Musical Theatre and developed my skills within singing, acting and dancing. Even though I’m not performing anymore, these skills are still very useful and give me a deeper understanding of the performers and their perspective. 

Head shot of Elin smiling at the camera

As for her time at UCW, Elin told us:  

I felt very supported during my time at UCW. The staff are wonderful. They’re deeply knowledgeable in their areas and very devoted. As someone who took a bit of a career turn and went into stage management instead of performing, the lecturers were still incredibly supportive and helpful. 

My favourite memories are all the lovely and inspiring people I got to meet and work with, and all the friendships that grew from it.  

I would highly recommend my course. Mainly because of all the amazing opportunities the lecturers arranged, such as working with Broadway composers and West End directors and choreographers. It’s a great place to network and get your foot in the door.  

We finished up by asking Elin: what is some advice you would give to someone just starting out?  

I would say enjoy it and go out of your comfort zone and challenge yourself, as there’s no better or safer place to do it than in an educational setting. 

Thank you so much for your time, Elin, your vast experience is truly inspiring. UCW is proud! 

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