Toasting marshmallows

A Different Classroom for the Day


BA (Hons) Uniformed and Public Services Year 1 enjoyed an organised group trip to the Mendip Outdoor Activity Centre, where they were tasked with “Mission Impossible” activities to work as a group and problem solve challenges which developed their communication, teamwork and leadership skills.

These activities supported their modules on ” Personal Resilience”, “Planning and Leading Outdoor Activities” and “Understanding Society, Cohesion and Conflict”. They were also tasked with developing “Bushcraft” skills, which included, lighting fires, creating and foraging for firewood, scenario challenges and shelter building. The final test of their shelter integrity was for a bucket of water being thrown over it!

Lecturers and students both competed to build the best campfire, to end the day toasting marshmallows and reflecting on their progress. 

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