North Somerset Magistrates Court during Uniformed and Public Services trip

Uniformed and Public Services Students Visit Magistrates Court


Last week Years 1 and 2 from our Uniformed and Public Services (BA) Hons degree course joined local Magistrate Mike Evans at North Somerset Magistrates Court in Weston-super-Mare for an insight into the workings of a court.

 The students were introduced to the workings of a Magistrates court, the type of offences, penalties and support in place.

A brief talk from Probation Officer Mr Bessant offered a further insight into the considerations in place for those at court and understanding circumstances for a positive outcome. The Uniformed and Public Services students joined the public viewing gallery to witness specific cases, such as drink driving, drug possession, HMRC Fraud case,  as well as theft.

The experience brought home the realities of not only the processes in place of a court, but the individual difficulties for those in court and provisions in place to support as well as punish for a crime.

This trip forms part of the Uniformed Services and Sport Careers Excellence Hub.  

By being part of a Career Excellence Hub, all of our courses are designed to make you “job ready” when you graduate. We work with a diverse range of local and national employers to ensure our courses are upgraded with career-boosting benefits, and curriculum content is relevant to today’s industry. 

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