UCW Students Offered Chance to Study in USA


UCW students have just gained the opportunity to study in the United States in 2024!

Thanks to the Government’s Turing Scheme, sixteen UCW learners will have the opportunity to study and complete a work placement in New York or Los Angeles for one month.

The Turing Scheme is a programme by the UK Government which provides funding to higher education, further education and vocational education institutions for them to offer their students, life-changing experiences to study or work abroad. The Turing Scheme offers once-in-a-lifetime opportunities for students to develop their skills and make lasting memories.

Twelve students in BA (Hons) Musical Theatre, BA (Hons) Dance for Commercial Performance and BA (Hons) Acting and Performance Making will be offered the opportunity to study at the prestigious Broadway Dance Centre in New York City. This location was chosen because of the world-famous links to theatre and Broadway, giving students a perfect backdrop in which to experience the industry.

Similarly, four students studying Hair, Make-Up and Prosthetics for Production will have the opportunity to experience Los Angeles, home of the movie capital of the world, Hollywood! With the work experience element, our students will have the chance to work with real life Hollywood filmmakers.

The Turing Scheme goes beyond academics; it offers invaluable networking opportunities. Students will connect with industry professionals, visit renowned companies, and attend exclusive placements, all of which will greatly benefit their future careers.

Aside from careers, this opportunity will also provide excellent personal experiences. Students will have the opportunity to explore historic landmarks, connect with local communities, and engage in unique cultural experiences. It’s a chance to see the world from a different perspective.

We’d like to offer a big thanks to the Turing Scheme for offering us this generous opportunity.