SEND and Inclusive Practice short courses student

UCW SEND & Inclusive Practice Short Courses


Interested in expanding your professional development with SEND (Special educational needs and disability) and Inclusive Practice?  

Or perhaps you would like a taster of studying a full degree? 

At University Centre Weston, we have developed a series of short courses to give you insight into what a full degree is like, perfect for those who are not too sure if higher education is for them.  

Our Short courses in SEND and Inclusive Practice are ideal for those looking for a career change or just wanting to upskill in new areas of theory and practice. 

There are many incredible courses to choose from, ranging from Level 4 to Level 5.  

These include: 

Contributing to the Support of People on the Autism Spectrum: Level 5 

This short course is centred around understanding what it means to be on the autism spectrum.  

You will be encouraged to reflect upon your own professional practice and look at ways in how to contribute to the support of people on the autism spectrum.  

The module identifies and explores the range of impairments, psychological processes, and cognition differences, and discusses both the barriers, and the implications of meeting these support needs. It encourages you to reflect on how the person with autism best learns using their strengths and interests. 

To find out more about Contributing to the Support of People on the Autism Spectrum, click here.  


Disability, Inclusion and Social Justice: Level 4 

Within this short course you will begin to develop an informed personal and professional ethos regarding inclusion and provision for children, young people and their families with SEND.  

You will be introduced to the principles of social justice and equity, at both a personal and a conceptual level.  

You will develop skills to reflect on your own identity and position in relation to disability, inclusion and social justice, as well as a greater understanding of key issues facing those with lived experience of personal and structural social injustice. 

To find out more about the entries requirements and how to apply for Disability, Inclusion and Social Justice, click here.  


Enabling Independence Through Maths Development, Literacy, Speech Development and Communication: Level 5 

As education continues to be a key driver of social mobility and wellbeing, learning systems must shift toward more accessible, and therefore, more inclusive, methods to ensure access to opportunity for everyone. 

This is particularly important for those ‘at risk’ of falling behind their peers because of an unidentified need or when current provision does not adequately meet their needs. This short course aims to support students to identify the key features of a learning environment and teaching that is supportive of pupils with these SEND needs, taking into consideration the need for reasonable adjustments.  

You will develop a knowledge of how to identify learners with difficulties in these areas and to evaluate how your current setting/practice supports these learners. 

Find out more about Enabling Independence Through Maths Development, Literacy, Speech Development and Communication, here. 

Our short courses are a fantastic way to advance your understanding of learners with SEND and develop your professional application within Inclusive Practice.  

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