UCW Alumnus Jordan Flourishes as a Freelance Actor, Theatre-Maker, and Composer


UCW is proud to highlight the achievements of alumnus Jordan, a Performing Arts graduate, who has forged a successful career as a freelance actor, theatre-maker, composer, musician, and audio creator. 

Currently, Jordan’s dynamic job encompasses creating and performing in theatre productions both locally and on tour. Additionally, Jordan composes music, records voices and ambient sounds, and mixes these elements into polished final products for his clients. 

Reflecting on his diverse job, Jordan describes how his daily activities can vary greatly. During quieter periods, he often scours casting sites for performance opportunities and manages admin tasks related to upcoming projects. These tasks can include liaising with venues and developing marketing materials. During busier times, Jordan’s schedule can get very busy, balancing rehearsals and performances. He even manages audio deadlines amidst his demanding routine, working on compositions during his breaks. 

Jordan credits UCW with equipping him for his multifaceted career. “My time at UCW taught me a lot about trying out ideas and seeing what sticks, which is key to being a theatre-maker,” he explains. He also values the lasting connections with classmates, many of whom he collaborates with professionally. 

Jordan fondly recalls his favourite module, where he created and performed a solo theatre piece. He is grateful to the lecturers and the freedom to explore his creative interests.  

Jordan’s journey from UCW to a successful freelance career highlights the university’s supportive and creative environment. UCW is proud of Jordan’s impressive achievements! 

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