Hannah and a dog on a bench.

UCW Alumni – Meet Hannah!


Today we’re meeting Animal Management alumni Hannah!  

Hannah studied the Animal Management Foundation Degree, now the BSc (Hons) in Animal Conservation, Behaviour and Welfare. Since graduating, she has gone on to become an Animal Care Assistant at the RSPCA branch in Brent Knoll!  

Hannah’s job is a busy one, looking after the animals in her section of the branch. Hannah works with a wide range of animals including cats, dogs, ferrets and rabbits. We caught up with Hannah to see how she’s doing.  

Hannah with a dog.

What does a typical day in your job role look like? 

“That depends on what block I am on. I am currently on rehoming cats. The first thing I do is unlock all the cat pods and make sure everyone is okay. Next, I’ll pop next door to the ferret unit and make sure Ernest the Ferret is okay and I’ll give him half of his breakfast. Then I go back to the cats and begin cleaning out their inside pods. If I don’t have a volunteer, then I’ll also do the outsides as well.  

“After this I will go back over the ferret block and clean out Ernest, then play with him and spend some time with him. After lunch I will do any health checks, or observations that need doing, as well as any other jobs such as restocking food, litter, bowls, treats or anything else. Usually by this time it is time to start giving everyone their final feeds of the day and start closing everything down.” 

Hannah with Ernest the Ferret

Has UCW prepared you for this role? 

“UCW helped me prepare for my work placement which I did here at the RSPCA and then I subsequently got a job here! During the course we were taught how to do health checks which I now use every day in my job. As well, we were taught about studying behaviour, which is a tool I also use every day, especially when on the dog block.” 

How do you feel that the facilities and equipment at UCW helped you in your degree and in helping you prepare for your current role? 

“The hands-on experiences with the animals really helped. Some of the subjects covered included health checks as well which is knowledge that I use daily.” 

What did you enjoy most about UCW? 

The hands-on experience I gained and the trips as well. The staff also made studying at UCW an amazing experience, they were invaluable to my studies and overall experience. I will never forget them or the time I spent there. 

A big thanks must go to Hannah for catching up with us! We wish her all the best for the future!  

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