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From Weston College and UCW to BBC’s ‘Wolf’


As we explore the incredible journeys of our University Centre Weston (UCW) alumni, we turn our attention to Paul, a talented performer who embarked on his educational voyage with a UAL Extended Diploma in Performing Arts, specifically in the Acting pathway. 

His dedication and passion for the craft led him to UCW’s BA Hons Performing Arts course, where he continued to hone his skills and develop as an artist. Join us as we dive into Paul’s experiences, highlights, and aspirations as he continues his journey in the world of acting.

The Beginnings:

Paul’s journey in the performing arts began with a UAL Extended Diploma in Performing Arts at Weston College, where he excelled, earning a well-deserved Distinction. He then progressed onto UCW’s BA Hons Performing Arts course. 

Lecturers with Distinct Teaching Styles:

One aspect that truly stood out for Paul during his time with us, was the diverse set of lecturers he encountered during his time at UCW. Each lecturer possessed a distinct skill set and teaching style, which not only kept students engaged but also broadened their horizons. 

Paull added on his experience: “Due to the patience and people around me, it meant I was able to learn at my own pace. Combined, I believe both courses supported the development of my understanding of the industry I want to break into, but, they also supplied me with the confidence and skills on how to realistically do that.”

Memorable Highlights:

Reflecting on his time at Weston College and UCW, Paul cherishes the memories of various performances: “My highlight at Weston College comes from the end of my first year, when we performed ‘The Wonderful World of Dissocia’, as I wasn’t sure if I wanted to do acting when I started the course, but at the point of ‘Dissocia’ I had so much fun that I just knew my answer.

“UCW’s highlight on the other hand is a hard one to pick, as I poured my heart into a lot of performances from ‘The Dumb Waiter’, ‘Angels in America’, ‘Tomcat’ and others. 

“But the real highlight came just the night before my class’ performance of ‘The Castle’, in which we had raised all the money ourselves to go the Manchester Fringe, perform and stay there for 4 days. We all shared accommodation together and spent the night before playing silly games, laughing and reflecting on everything we had accomplished across the course. We all knew that this would be our last show on the course, but we were all prepared to give our all to round us off.”

The Present and Future:

Currently, Paul is actively pursuing acting opportunities, taking on featured roles and walk-on parts. His dedication to furthering his education is evident as he saves money to pursue an MFA at a Drama School. In addition to acting, he plans to collaborate with fellow student Craig, on writing and filming projects. Paul has also become a certified free running coach, contributing to the community by coaching at the only school offering free running in the area, Hans Price.

Featuring in Wolf:

Paul’s journey took an exciting turn recently, when he received a text from Phoenix Casting, a company that presented him with script segments for a self-tape audition for the new BBC show, Wolf

His talent and hard work paid off, and he was chosen for a role. 

On set, he had the opportunity to interact with the cast and crew, gaining insights into their experiences and collecting valuable advice.

The Long-Term Dream:

Looking ahead, Paul’s long-term dream is to become a recognised actor who can transport audiences on unforgettable journeys and adventures through his performances. His aspiration is to provide the same magic and inspiration that he found in the actors and movies he admired during his formative years.

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