Drama teacher talking to group of acting students

Performing Arts Tomcat Tour


Over the next 2 weeks, 3rd year BA Performing Arts will be taking their production of Tomcat to nearby colleges, as well as running workshops with their students.

They will be going to Exeter College on the 21st and Bristol MET Academy on the 11th Oct.

They also presented an internal performance in the Berkoff Studio at Knightstone Campus on 4th Oct to FE Performing Arts students at Weston College. ​

All of our Performing Arts courses at UCW focus on building up a multitude of industry-essential skills. The Tomcat tour empowers our learners to effectively develop their interpersonal skills. It also allows them to grow accustomed to traveling consistently performing to different audiences – as they would in industry.

Live projects are a key aspect of our courses. The hands-on experience involved in bringing a project like this together has led many of our previous and current students to secure their first job before they have even graduated! 

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