Mendip Adventure for Uniformed Public Services Students


In an exhilarating day of outdoor exploration, Year 1 students at UCW went on a thrilling adventure at Mendip Activity Centre. Braving the crisp cold morning, the students hit the water for a kayaking session on the picturesque River Yeo, setting the stage for an unforgettable day of learning and fun. 

The event was part of the students’ preparation for the Planning and Leading Adventurous Outdoor Activities module in their Year 1 studies. Under the guidance of their module leader, the students embraced the opportunity to put theoretical knowledge into practice, gaining valuable hands-on experience in organising and leading outdoor activities. 

The excitement didn’t end with the morning kayaking session. In the afternoon, the adventurous cohort embarked on an expedition through the lovely landscapes of the Mendip Hills. The hills, with their challenging terrain and scenic views, provided the perfect backdrop for the students to apply their newfound skills and knowledge. 

Expressing gratitude for the support received, the module leader commended Mendip Activity Centre, stating, “Thank you to Mendip Activity Centre for helping the students to experience how to plan and lead adventurous outdoor activities, while ensuring that fun was had by all involved in the beautiful environment we have in North Somerset.” 

The day was not only an educational experience but also an exciting chance for students to build their skills in the real world. The students left with a sense of accomplishment, equipped with practical skills that will undoubtedly shape their future endeavours in the world of outdoor adventure.  

This trip forms part of the Uniformed Services and Sport Careers Excellence Hub. 

By being part of a Career Excellence Hub, all of our courses are designed to make you “job ready” when you graduate. We work with a diverse range of local and national employers to ensure our courses are upgraded with career-boosting benefits, and curriculum content is relevant to today’s industry. 

University Centre Weston has ten sector-specific Career Excellence Hubs; each designed to support learners with making the most of university, and to support employers with connecting with their future staff. In connecting industry and education, we ensure that learners gain not only the essential skills and knowledge but also the professional networks necessary to excel in their chosen fields. 

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