Our engineering lecturer, Deelaka

Meet Deelaka: An Excellent Engineering Lecturer


We’re catching up with one of our engineering lecturers, Deelaka!  

Deelaka is one of our excellent engineering lecturers here at UCW, known for his passion for teaching Higher Education students. His favourite part of his role lies in imparting knowledge and shaping the minds of budding engineers. Specialising in Dynamic Modelling and Simulation, Deelaka thrives while guiding students through this intricate module, helping their understanding and enthusiasm for the subject. 

With experience under his belt, Deelaka emphasises the importance of consistency in academic pursuits, believing it to be the key to success for his students. Beyond the lecture hall, he enjoys a good documentary, with Cosmos, Planet Earth, and Our Planet ranking among his favourites. These documentaries not only entertain him but also inspire his teaching methods. 

What drew Deelaka to Weston College was its proactive approach to collaboration with industry, aligning perfectly with his vision of education that keeps pace with the ever-evolving industrial landscape. His dedication to excellence in education and his commitment to nurturing future engineers make Deelaka an invaluable asset to UCW and a beloved mentor to his students!  

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