Jasmine Speaks About Her Time at UCW


Jasmine was shortlisted for the Creative Student of the Year award at University Centre Weston. Reflecting on this honour, Jasmine says, “I feel very proud to have been recognised.”

Jasmine’s journey to UCW has been transformative. “Two years ago, I didn’t believe in myself and thought university wasn’t for me. I felt I would fail. But now, I know I belong here. My trip to LA showed me that I can take on any challenge that comes my way,” she shares.

Jasmine chose UCW for her higher education because it offered the course she wanted and was close to home. “I came to university a year earlier than the rest of my classmates and didn’t feel ready to fully leave home,” she explains. Her academic background includes a year of college after school, which set the stage for her choosing to transition to UCW. “I’m so glad I did, as they have helped me so much in my higher education journey.”

Having previously attended Weston College, Jasmine found it beneficial to stay with the same institution. “I had visited the university on many occasions and really enjoyed the look of the course and the atmosphere,” she notes.

One of Jasmine’s most significant highlights at UCW was her experience in Los Angeles. “It showed me that I can achieve things when I put my mind to it and gave me so many potential opportunities. I loved my time there,” she enthuses.

Jasmine has also engaged in relevant work experiences. “I really enjoyed this as it has given me information that would be helpful in the industry and the outside world,” she says.

The support from UCW staff has been instrumental in Jasmine’s success. “They helped me through my dyslexia diagnosis and supported me through all my challenges,” she acknowledges. The facilities at UCW have also been essential for her coursework. “The facilities help me with everything I need to get done for my course. There’s quiet space for theory work and space for practical work, which I wouldn’t be able to do at home due to lack of space. Being dyslexic has had its challenges when it comes to theory work, but the amazing HEART and support teams have helped me through this struggle,” she notes.

Looking to the future, Jasmine says, “My long-term career goal is to get a job in the prosthetic makeup industry.” Her time at UCW has been invaluable in preparing her for this career path. “UCW has shown me many different techniques that are so helpful.” she says. Jasmine feels she has grown both personally and professionally during her time at UCW. “I have so much more confidence and feel a lot more confident with my skills,” she reflects.

For those considering studying at UCW, Jasmine’s advice is clear: “Do it. They have helped me so much, and the opportunities I’ve had are amazing. I’m so happy I had the chance to experience it all.”

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