Recently we caught up with Georgia, an outstanding UCW student embarking on her journey in Film and Media Arts for Production. 

Georgia’s Film and Media Arts for Production Journey


Recently we caught up with Georgia, an outstanding UCW student embarking on her journey in Film and Media Arts for Production. 

From a young age, Georgia found joy in creating and writing TV shows, even enlisting her friends to participate. It was her love for screenwriting that ultimately led her to choose the programme at University Centre Weston, as the syllabus and landscape of the course aligned perfectly with her creative aspirations. 

Throughout her time at University Centre Weston, Georgia has been involved in several remarkable film and media projects that have left a lasting impression on her. One standout moment was being selected, alongside only eight other students, to produce her film “Grievance” in Cornwall. She tells us “It was such a fantastic experience and working on set with my peers really helped me gain confidence and knowledge about how things work during production. This experience allowed her to gain invaluable confidence and knowledge while working on set alongside her peers” 

The programme at University Centre Weston has played a pivotal role in Georgia’s development of skills and knowledge in the field of Film and Media Arts Production. The hands-on approach to learning offered by the course has been particularly beneficial for her. As a result, her camera handling and editing skills have significantly improved since starting the program. Georgia also credits lecturers Ross and Richard for their impactful guidance and unwavering support, which has made a significant difference in her education. 

Georgia also told us all about the collaborative opportunities she’s had to work with other students and professionals and how enriching this has made her experience. Working with acting students from Falmouth University, as well as her peers from Weston College and University Centre Weston, has broadened her network and exposed her to fresh ideas that have enhanced her own filmmaking practice. 

Georgia finds immense fascination and enjoyment in conceiving ideas for new projects and translating them into screenplays as well as the process of post-production editing. She says, “It’s amazing to see a story come together, like pieces of a puzzle.”  

Participation in film festivals, media exhibitions, and competitions has been another highlight of Georgia’s time at UCW. Notably, she served as the director of “Dirigo,” a student film festival where films from around the world were curated and awarded. This experience allowed her to connect with fellow student filmmakers and celebrate their creative works. 

In terms of creative influences, Georgia finds inspiration in the work of Russell T Davies, the renowned writer known for his contributions to “Doctor Who.” His ability to generate captivating and innovative ideas resonates deeply with Georgia, encouraging her to think outside the box and infuse underlying meaning into her projects. 

Looking ahead, Georgia aspires to work in the film and media arts industry, particularly at the BBC, preferably in Cardiff. Being a devoted fan of “Doctor Who,” she told us working on the show would be a “dream come true” for her. Additionally, she has considered pursuing freelance opportunities, embracing the freedom and versatility they offer. 

With her passion, creative vision, and dedication to honing her skills, Georgia is poised to make a significant impact in the film and media arts industry, pursuing her dreams while exploring new frontiers of storytelling. 

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