Georgia to Show Off Short Film at Cineworld in Weston


Georgia, a Film and Media Arts Production Student at UCW is set to debut her short film, “Tides Reign,” at the Cineworld in Weston-super-Mare as part of the UCW Film Showcase, Emergence. The film explores the adventures of four young adults solving petty alien crimes in the UK. 

“Tides Reign” focuses on Aleah, a 16-year-old girl with mind-reading abilities, who is pursued by a computer-dwelling robot eager to exploit her powers. Georgia, who has had this vision since she was eight years old, aimed to create content that bridged the gap between shows targeted at children and those with more mature narratives. 


“I made this film because it is a vision I had since I was 8 years old,” Georgia explains. “When I wrote my first script, it was only four pages long, and I asked my friends to help me create the episode. This project sparked my passion for filmmaking.” 

The journey to bring “Tides Reign” to life has been remarkable, with cast and crew members travelling from across the UK and even Europe! This includes an actress from France and local talent Megan from Weston College. Georgia reflects on the collaboration that defined the production: “It was long hours, but I have made many lifelong friends, and we all really want an Episode 2!” 

The film’s success is also attributed to the exceptional contributions of the Hair, Makeup, and Prosthetics students at UCW. Amelia, the Art Director, played a pivotal role in character design and costume coordination, ensuring the characters vividly came to life on screen. 

“Filming ‘Tides Reign’ was an amazing experience,” Georgia shares. “Amelia did an outstanding job of understanding my characters and bringing them to life just as I envisioned.” 

Throughout the project, Georgia also experienced significant personal growth. “I suffer from anxiety and was very worried about making mistakes. However, I realised that I am capable of creating something great, which boosted my confidence on set and in general.” 

“Tides Reign” promises to be an amazing part of Emergence, the UCW Film Showcase, demonstrating the talent and determination of the next generation of filmmakers. Join us at Cineworld in Weston-super-Mare to witness this inspiring debut by booking your tickets here!

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