Ffion and Harriet’s Inspiring Success


Ffion Isaacs and Harriet Probert, recipients of the Heather Moreton Memorial Award for Outstanding Contribution to Volunteering and Work Placements, have distinguished themselves as an exceptional duo at University Centre Weston. Demonstrating unparalleled dedication, they have embraced every work experience opportunity on offer this year, from the Avon and Somerset Police medic training to the Avon Fire and Rescue Trauma First Aid Training.

Their commitment has been personal and inspirational, motivating fellow students to participate in work experiences. Ffion and Harriet have forged professional bonds with industry providers, showcasing their reliability and commitment.

Beyond regular term time, they have embraced new challenges and worked diligently during reading weeks and holidays, ensuring the continuation and growth of the university’s first-class work experience network. Their journey has cultivated resilience, motivation, professionalism, and dedication – qualities that will undoubtedly aid their transition into the professional world.

Congratulations to Ffion Isaacs and Harriet Probert on their well-deserved recognition for their outstanding contributions to volunteering and work placements.

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