Georgia MOD apprentice

Engineering Degree Apprentice, Georgia, Awarded Scholarship by the Luke Wheaton Trust


Weston College has launched a new scholarship, for Engineering learners, in partnership with the Luke Wheaton Trust.

The scholarship, which is available for one student, per year, is open to any apprentice studying on a Level 2, 3, 4 or 6 Engineering apprenticeship at Weston College.

The scholarship was introduced to honour the memory of former learner Luke Wheaton, one of Weston College’s most inspiring apprentices working with Wessex Water.

Each scholarship is worth £4,000, with students receiving £1,000 per year for up to four years. The scholarship is renewable annually, subject to progress being made as agreed in partnership between the College and the apprentice’s employer.

The first scholarship has been awarded to degree apprentice, Georgia, who impressed judges in her application, with her love of engineering and desire to succeed.

Georgia said of the scholarship: “I was so happy when I found out that I had been awarded the Luke Wheaton Legacy Trust Scholarship.

“The scholarship will support my education and help me to buy textbooks for my course in aerospace engineering. I will also put some of the scholarship money towards buying a laptop to help make better notes in my lectures so that I am well organised, and I would like to buy a Raspberry Pi to practice coding and further my knowledge of Python.”

Georgia went on to add some information about her apprenticeship: “I have really enjoyed my apprenticeship so far, as I have been able to meet apprentices from other companies as well as learning important skills about engineering and sustainability.

“I have enjoyed learning about different materials, their testing and application to different aircraft parts.

“When I complete my degree apprenticeship, I would like to further this understanding and research into material properties and look at cost effective and sustainable solutions to use in the aerospace industry.”

Jo Philpott, Vice Principal at Weston College, said: “Luke was a fantastic learner, and we really wanted to support other apprentices starting their journey into the engineering industry, in his honour.

“After receiving lots of applications, we are thrilled to offer the very first scholarship to Georgia, who is an apprentice with the Ministry of Defence.

“This scholarship will help Georgia’s development by paying for new equipment and also assisting with travelling.

“We are excited to see how this assists Georgia on her engineering journey.”

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