Elizabeth Excels in Public Services


Meet Public Services student Elizabeth! She is in her third year here at UCW; we caught up with her to see how she got on.  

Elizabeth said that UCW has helped her to focus in a number of areas. “There are a lot of areas within UCW itself to help with research and extra information, having an online library as well as a physical library is amazing, it can be reached from anywhere!” Being in third year, there is a lot of independent work to do, but UCW is still there to help with work and help perfect routines if it is needed. Elizabeth said: “It’s helped me understand knowing that you can ask for help no matter the silly question!”  

Elizabeth also praised the dedication of UCW’s lecturers, describing them as “amazing” and “genuinely some of the best” she has encountered. Despite facing initial nerves, Elizabeth found was helped by the unwavering support of her lecturers, including Christian, whom she reached out to extensively before officially starting her courses. Elizabeth highlighted the personalised assistance provided by her lecturers, particularly in accommodating her dyslexia and boosting her confidence in academic endeavours. 

The HEART Team and other support staff at UCW have played a pivotal role in Elizabeth’s journey, offering timely assistance and guidance. “HEART team have been amazing,” Elizabeth emphasised, citing their responsiveness and willingness to provide personalized support. From stress management to assignment planning, Elizabeth found the support staff at UCW to be invaluable allies in her academic pursuits. 

In addition to the robust support network, UCW’s state-of-the-art facilities and equipment have greatly enhanced Elizabeth’s learning experience. Accessible printers, scanners, and up-to-date technology ensure seamless navigation of academic tasks, allowing Elizabeth to focus on her studies effectively. 

Looking towards the future, Elizabeth’s aspirations span diverse realms, from humanitarian care to involvement in major incidents and risk assessments. With a passion for making a positive impact on the world, Elizabeth is planning to leverage her education and experiences to contribute meaningfully to society. 

A big thanks to Elizabeth for chatting to us. To find out more about Public Services at UCW, click here.