Group of Giraffes from Animal Management trip ri==to Cotswold Safari Park

Animal Management Trip to Cotswold Wildlife Park


Recently our Animal Management students took a trip to the Cotswold Wildlife Park.

Located on the A361 – 22 miles east of Cheltenham, Cotswold Wildlife Park is committed to conservation through it’s trust. This was formed to raise funds for the conservation of animal species and endangered environments and to educate and inform the public, including visitors to the Wildlife Park, about the activities that they fund.

Students got to see an array of incredible animals including Giraffes, Rhinos and snakes. 

The trip was aimed at supporting the Behaviour and Welfare modules of their course, as well as gaining more understanding around the health and diseases topics of the programme.

The trip included a talk by one of the park’s Zoo Keepers and an opportunity to look around the safari park and appraise enclosure design whilst considering welfare standards.

Gill, lecturer in Biological Sciences, told us “this Animal Management trip really helps the students to see and consider animal welfare and enclosure design and how we can meet their natural needs in captivity. This supports with maintaining health and educating the public.”

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