Business Student Adam Shares His UCW Experience


Adam, a third-year Business Management with Sustainability student at UCW, recently shared his thoughts on his educational journey and experiences with us. He gave us an insight into his academic growth, support systems, and future aspirations! 

Reflecting on his time at UCW, Adam emphasised the university’s role in nurturing his knowledge and skills. He remarked: “UCW has provided specific theories and concepts that have complemented my work experiences, while also equipping me with new management skills for future job prospects.” 

Adam also highlighted the supportive environment fostered by UCW’s lecturers and support staff. He appreciates for the smaller class sizes and engaging lecturing style, which encouraged him to actively contribute to class discussions. 

Regarding the support services at UCW, Adam praised the HEART Team, stating: “They have been very supportive in any and all questions that I have had and are great at engaging with the students.” 

In addition to academic support, Adam acknowledged the importance of UCW’s facilities and equipment in facilitating his studies. He commended the university’s library, both physical and virtual, for its comprehensive resources and helpful staff. 

Adam shared impactful experiences from his time at UCW, including educational trips to the Mulberry factory and the Eden Project. These trips provided valuable insights into sustainability practices and corporate responsibility. 

Furthermore, Adam highlighted the significance of guest lectures organized by UCW’s lecturers, which provided real-world context and industry insights, enriching the learning experience. 

Looking ahead, Adam expressed his career aspirations, aiming to pursue a role as a Project Manager leveraging his developed skill set. He has already begun applying for entry-level positions and graduate jobs to gain additional qualifications and experience. 

Among his favourite modules, Adam highlighted “Contemporary Issues in Business” for its stimulating discussions and debates on current business challenges. 

Adam’s feedback shows UCW’s commitment to providing a dynamic learning environment that prepares students for future success in their chosen fields. 

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