University Centre Weston staff at UCAS fair talking about what is clearing 2022

How to Apply Through Clearing 2022 – UCAS Clearing FAQs


With the summer holidays well underway, students with offers from universities are eagerly awaiting those all important college exam results. 

The question we always get over the summer break though is… “Is it too late to apply”?! To that we say: Not at all!

We can consider applications throughout the summer for most of our courses through the process called “Clearing” via UCAS.

UCAS (Universities and Colleges Admissions Service) is a UK-based organisation whose main role is to operate the application process for British universities.

What is clearing? Clearing is the UCAS period after the main entry scheme where anyone who has not been successfully placed, or has not yet started an application, can apply for a place. Many universities will still have places on their courses, so it is worth contacting their admissions department to discuss your options.

To help clear up some misunderstandings we asked our very own admissions officer, Ebony, to help bust some of the myths you might have heard about applying to university through clearing in 2022…

Want to watch Ebony talk you through the clearing questions? You can click here or scroll down to watch our informative video.


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Clearing Frequently Asked Questions Answered:

I have made a UCAS account but the university haven’t received my application? 

Please check that you have added a clearing choice; you can do this by logging into your UCAS account, and clicking “Add a Clearing Choice” on the main page. 


Will I be assessed negatively for applying during Clearing? 

Definitely not! We understand that everyone has different things happening in their lives that can impact the decision to apply for or accept places in university. Any courses that still have spaces will consider you based on your application, and an interview or portfolio where appropriate. 


The personal statement I used earlier this year is no longer relevant for the course I want to apply for, can I change it? 

Whilst you cannot change this on UCAS, some universities may accept a new personal statement submitted separately. We would suggest contacting the admissions department to discuss your options. 


Do I have to pay for Clearing? 

If you are starting your first application during Clearing, the fee will be £26.50. Applicants who have already paid for one choice during the main cycle will be required to pay an additional £4.50, and those who have already paid for multiple choices this year will have free access to Clearing applications. 


When is clearing? When does clearing open?

Clearing is now open and officially opened on 5 July 2022.


How do I apply? 

New applicants can sign up to the UCAS Hub to start your application. You will need to call the universities that you are interested in to discuss your application, and an offer will usually be given on the phone. To make this offer official, you can visit the “Your Choices” section of the UCAS Hub to add a choice. Please note that you can only add one choice at a time here.  

Top Tip! Make sure you have your UCAS Personal ID number handy when contacting universities so that they can look at your application. 


Thanks Ebony! If you have any further questions, you can contact Ebony via