UCW Student Poppy Excels in Musical Theatre Studies


Poppy, a student at UCW pursuing her BA (Hons) in Musical Theatre, has shared her time and journey at UCW. It’s clear that UCW has played a pivotal role in nurturing her talents and shaping her aspirations. 

Poppy’s course, offers a comprehensive curriculum that not only hones her practical skills in dance, singing, and acting but also enriches her academically with advanced writing and referencing techniques. She highlights the significance of regular classes in maintaining her performance stamina and gaining insight into the rigorous demands of the industry. Poppy added: “The studios at UCW also host external performances, and getting to see these has made this subject more accessible to me and shown me what else is on offer beyond the course.” 

The support and mentorship from UCW’s experienced lecturers have been instrumental in Poppy’s growth. With their industry experience, they offer valuable anecdotes and guidance, preparing students for the realities of the professional world. Poppy mentioned that this included “an insight into what we can expect once we graduate and look for jobs of our own.” Additionally, the personal attention and regular check-ins ensure that students receive both academic support and emotional well-being. 

UCW’s HEART team further enhances the student experience by providing invaluable support during transitions and offering resources on various aspects of student life, including mental health and financial management. Their presence adds a layer of reassurance and accessibility to the university experience. Poppy gave credit to the HEART team saying: “Having a team like HEART is extremely reassuring, especially when making a transition as big as a move to university. I moved 4 hours away from my hometown, and knowing that they’d be there to chat if I ever needed to talk definitely made me feel better.” 

The facilities and equipment available at UCW have significantly aided Poppy in her studies. From well-equipped studios for practical sessions to extensive library resources, UCW ensures that students have everything they need to excel in their coursework. Of particular use to Poppy are the many books and materials about performing, along with scripts to lots of plays and musicals. The availability of studio space for independent projects, like filming independent self-tapes, underscores UCW’s commitment to empowering students beyond the classroom. Poppy emphasised “it’s great to know that creative arts are valued at UCW!”  

Looking ahead, Poppy envisions a career as a performer in musicals, with a keen interest in touring productions and cruise ship performances. Poppy added: “However, being a performer in any location will come with its own excitements and challenges, and getting to perform on a West End stage will be a huge achievement.” Outside of performing, Poppy also aspires to explore roles behind the scenes, such as choreography and production. Her enthusiasm and determination reflect the education she has received at UCW. 

In her current modules, ‘Professional Musical Theatre Projects’ and ‘Musical Theatre Independent Study’, Poppy finds joy and fulfilment. These modules allow her to apply her skills in real-world scenarios and explore her academic interests with autonomy and passion. Poppy told us about what she is currently working on: “One of our professional projects is a performance of ‘The Lightning Thief: The Percy Jackson Musical’ and taking part in this project has really got me excited for the fact that this is going to be my job! Getting to sing, act and dance in a setting that mirrors the rehearsal process of a professional project has been so much fun and has allowed me to make my own creative choices.”  

It’s not just the performing that interests Poppy, she has also found the academic side of the course enjoyable! Poppy told us about her main piece of academic work “When people think of musical theatre, they don’t necessarily think of it as a highly academic subject, but this module allowed me to write passionately about something that interested me within the industry. In a course that is often centred around developing skills that make you more employable to casting directors, I found there I had lots of agency and freedom over what I chose to write my piece about.” 

Poppy’s journey exemplifies the transformative impact of UCW’s Musical Theatre program, where students are nurtured to become versatile performers with a deep understanding of the industry. As she continues to thrive, Poppy embodies the spirit of creativity and excellence fostered at UCW. 

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