UCW Student Natalie Shines in Hair, Makeup, and Prosthetics Course


UCW is proud to spotlight one of our excellent students, Natalie! 

Natalie is enrolled in the hair, makeup, and prosthetics for production course at UCW. When asked about her experience, she expressed profound gratitude for the support and resources provided by the university. “UCW has helped me with my knowledge and skills by supplying me with the products and information I need to further develop my skills with hair, makeup, and prosthetics,” said Natalie. She also highlighted the invaluable contribution of guest lecturers, particularly mentioning Stuart Bray, whose guidance significantly enhanced her moulding, sculpting, and painting skills. 

The supportive environment at UCW has played a crucial role in Natalie’s journey. Despite facing challenges related to dyslexia, she found solace in the patience and understanding of her lecturers. “The lecturers were very patient and understanding with me,” Natalie shared.  

UCW’s state-of-the-art facilities and equipment have further facilitated Natalie’s learning process. With access to a wide range of products and unwavering support from tutors, she has gained confidence in her abilities. “Having almost every product I need available at all times has been a great benefit to my learning,” Natalie remarked. 

Looking ahead, Natalie envisions a vibrant future in character creation through sculpting. She aspires to establish her own business specialising in casting bump moulds for pregnant women, expanding to include various body parts. Her passion for character creation is evident in her enthusiasm for modules like transformational images, where she can fully explore her creative talents. 

Throughout her journey, Natalie has found unwavering support from the UCW HEART Team and other support staff. Wendy Carlyon, her learning support teacher, has been a pillar of strength, guiding her through moments of anxiety and self-doubt. “Wendy has been my rock throughout the last two years, always putting my mind at rest,” Natalie expressed. “She has helped me believe in myself and my skills.” 

UCW takes pride in nurturing talents like Natalie and remains committed to providing a conducive environment for students to flourish in their chosen fields. 

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