Luiza, a former UCW student

UCW Alumnus Luiza Excelling as Student Veterinary Nurse


UCW is proud to spotlight alumna Luiza, who has found her stride as a Student Veterinary Nurse. Luiza’s journey from UCW’s Animal Management programme to her current role exemplifies our commitment to nurturing talent for success in diverse fields. 

In her role as a Student Veterinary Nurse, Luiza works alongside vets, contributing to various facets of animal care, including anaesthesia, holistic patient care, medication administration, and microchip placement. Her days are dynamic, with each presenting unique challenges and opportunities for growth. 

Reflecting on her time at UCW, Luiza credits the practical experiences gained at Puxton Park and during her placements, coupled with the knowledge provided by her lecturers, for laying a robust foundation for her current role. The well-equipped laboratories and hands-on animal interactions provided at UCW seamlessly integrated theory with practice, enriching her learning. 

Luiza’s favourite module, the Nutrition and Diseases module, underscored her passion for animal welfare and health—something she continues to pursue in her career. 

When asked about her fondest memory of UCW, Luiza fondly recalls the friendships she made among her peers, highlighting the supportive community that enriched her academic experience. 

As Luiza continues to excel in her career, UCW takes pride in her achievements, celebrating her as a testament to the university’s commitment to fostering excellence in every student. 

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