Students Learn About Animal Welfare Through Horseworld Visit


Students pursuing BSc (Hons) Animal Conservation, Behaviour and Welfare, and FdSc Animal Management degrees recently embarked on an enlightening excursion to Horseworld, a prominent equine charity based in Bristol. This visit was a pivotal opportunity for those aspiring to work professionally in this industry to delve deeper into the intricate realms of animal welfare and equine management, aligning seamlessly with the curriculum’s focus on ethical practices and conservation efforts. 

The trip offered invaluable insights into the operations of Horseworld. As they immersed themselves in the charity’s day-to-day activities, the students gained firsthand experience on various aspects of equine rescue, rehabilitation, and management. Witnessing rehabilitation efforts firsthand, they grasped the nuances of welfare assessments and their pivotal role in tailoring effective rehabilitation programs. 

“Our students were fortunate enough to visit Horseworld where they further developed their knowledge on animal welfare and how this organisation works within the industry” remarked Gill Cook, a lecturer for animal courses. “The students really appreciated the opportunity to observe some rehabilitation work with some horses and be taught about how welfare assessments are conducted and how this can inform rehabilitation programmes.” 

The students were glad for the opportunity to engage with Horseworld’s initiatives, acknowledging the visit as a transformative experience that enriched their studies. Through the trip, they gained invaluable insights into equine welfare, further solidifying their commitment to fostering positive change within the industry. 

UCW remains steadfast in its commitment to providing immersive learning experiences that empower students to become conscientious stewards of animal welfare. The collaboration with Horseworld exemplifies UCW’s dedication to learning opportunities that go beyond the confines of the classroom, preparing students for impactful careers in animal conservation and management. 

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