Student Poppy Shares Insights on Hair, Makeup, and Prosthetics


Poppy, a student at UCW, has offered a glimpse into her journey through the Hair, Makeup, and Prosthetics for Production course in a recent interview. 

Poppy emphasised the significant role UCW has played in fostering her growth both professionally and creatively. She highlighted the university’s approach, which initially provides structure in the first years of study but gradually allows students greater creative freedom as they progress. 

Poppy, known for her passion for prosthetics, expressed gratitude for UCW’s provision of resources and equipment, particularly for the opportunity to work with advanced materials like latex and silicone. “Being able to use those products has greatly enhanced what I’m able to do,” she remarked. 

The student also commended UCW’s lecturers for their support and personalised attention, mentioning the advantage of smaller class sizes that facilitate one-on-one interaction. “Our lecturers are so lovely…I feel like we’ve gotten to know them,” she said. 

Regarding support services, Poppy praised UCW’s HEART Team and other support staff, affirming their helpfulness and willingness to listen to students’ needs. 

Reflecting on her studies, Poppy expressed appreciation for the facilities and equipment available at UCW, emphasising that they enable students to accomplish their goals.  

Looking ahead, Poppy revealed her ambition to become a prosthetic technician, encompassing tasks such as sculpting, mould-making, and prosthetic application. She highlighted her enjoyment of the Transformational Image module, where she’s undertaking an ambitious project involving a full old-age lady transformation. 

Poppy enthusiastically recommended UCW’s Hair, Makeup, and Prosthetics course for its comprehensive approach, enabling students to explore various aspects of the field and discover their passions. 

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