Stepping into “The Unfamiliar”… Photography Student Magazine Launches!


As part of their module around documentaries, 1st year Photography students have published their own magazine!

The documentary and editorial magazine titled “The Unfamiliar” features work from nine degree students studying Photography and Visual Cultures, BA (Hons)

Students were tasked with focusing on photographing something which may feel unfamiliar. This could be different angles of something seen everyday or a completely unfamiliar subject which may not be represented or seen often. Once photographed, each student was given complete creative freedom to design a double page spread using Adobe inDesign.

Zoe Harris, whose work features as the front cover of the magazine, visited Lacock Abbey to capture old windows in historic buildings; creating a link between the old and the new by applying modern day photography skills. 

Zoe added: “Photography lets you show others how you see the world. You may photograph something which everyone else might think is ugly or boring, but end up taking the most beautiful photo in the world – it’s about the way you look at things.

“I recommend this degree course because almost every brief we have had so far has been so interesting. We get a lot of freedom with the kind of photos we take, combined with the guidance from lecturers to know what to do.

“Working on this magazine has been a really fun project!”

Click here to see the online version of the magazine

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