Spotlight on Clare: UCW Health & Social Care Lecturer


UCW is delighted to introduce Clare, an HE Lecturer in Health & Social Care. Clare brings a wealth of knowledge and a passion for education, making her an invaluable member of our academic team. 

Clare’s favourite aspect of her role is the opportunity to develop her own learning as well as that of her students. She finds immense satisfaction when someone makes connections and realises the concepts for themselves. This dedication to encouraging a deep understanding and independent thinking is a cornerstone of her teaching. 

When it comes to teaching, Clare believes that all modules are interdependent, emphasising the importance of anatomy, psychiatry, physiology, psychology, and sociology. According to Clare, a comprehensive understanding of these subjects is crucial for grasping the complexities of physical and mental health, including how to treat and support overall well-being. 

As a top tip for students, Clare advises her students to always learn the basics thoroughly. She believes that a strong foundation allows students to make sense of unfamiliar concepts and confidently take the next steps in their learning journey. 

Outside the classroom, Clare is deeply involved in her community through various volunteering roles. She is an Explorer Scout Leader, Parish Safeguarding Officer, Trustee, and actively participates in organising fairs. Her hobbies also include crochet, creative crafts, swimming, and hill-walking! 

Clare’s decision to join UCW was driven by her love for learning and sharing ideas. Her previous experience as a Clinical Practice Educator, where she enjoyed mentoring students, perfectly aligns with the educational environment at UCW. She also cherishes the daily opportunity to walk along the promenade. 

Clare is always ready to help and is driven by the question, “What can I do for you? Can I help?” This mindset underlines her commitment to support and enhance the learning experience for all her students. 

UCW is proud to have Clare on board, and we look forward to the positive impact she will continue to make!

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