Discover the Journey of Mustafa, Aerospace Engineering Degree Apprentice

Soaring to New Heights: Discover the Journey of Mustafa, Aerospace Engineering Degree Apprentice


Here at University Centre Weston, we take pride in nurturing the talents of our students and helping them excel in their chosen fields. Today, we are excited to introduce Mustafa, a remarkable individual who is making waves through UCW’s Aerospace Engineering Degree Apprenticeship Programme.  

Since he was young, Mustafa was captivated by the idea of aerospace and the infinite possibilities it held. His curiosity for understanding the inner workings of complex machines led him down the path of Engineering, and eventually, Aerospace Engineering. Mustafa reflects, “Taking apart devices to explore their mechanisms was a cherished childhood hobby. It was only natural for me to translate that passion into a fascination for aerospace.” 

Blending academic development with hands-on training, UCW’s Aerospace Degree Apprenticeship offers Mustafa a chance to earn his degree while actively contributing to real-world aerospace projects. “UCW’s reputation for its holistic approach to learning and the opportunity to gain practical experience through apprenticeships made the choice clear,” Mustafa shares. 

Throughout his apprenticeship journey, Mustafa has evolved into a dynamic aerospace professional, commenting “UCW’s programme has been a catalyst for my growth as an engineer.” The integration of classroom learning with practical application has equipped Mustafa with a diverse skill set. Collaborating with experienced aerospace practitioners, he has honed his problem-solving abilities and refined his teamwork skills. 

One standout project that Mustafa recalls was centred on designing an innovative and sustainable aerospace solution. “Being part of a project that aspired to revolutionise aerospace technology was exhilarating. It was more than just engineering; it was about shaping the future,” he told us. 

Mustafa envisions himself as a key player in the aerospace industry’s future. “I see myself spearheading groundbreaking aerospace projects that push the boundaries of innovation,” he states. The unwavering support and mentorship he has received at UCW have empowered him to dream big and aim high. 

Join us in celebrating Mustafa’s achievements and exploring the limitless possibilities within aerospace through UCW’s Aerospace Engineering Degree Apprenticeship.  

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