Nursing Students Enjoy London Trip


Our Trainee Nursing Associate students and learners on the Level 3 Access to HE: Nursing and Midwifery course enjoyed an exciting trip to London recently to visit both the Hunterian Museum and the Anatomy and Physiology Museum. 

These historic museums are based within the Royal College of Surgeons. The Hunterian Museum was founded in 1799 and contains a vast collection of around 14,000 specimens collected by 18th century anatomist John Hunter. Hunter dedicated a significant amount of his time and money to building the museum, where the artefacts could be used to conduct research and teach new generations of medical students. 

Learners also visited the Anatomy and Pathology Museum. This facility is only available to medical professionals and those undertaking their studies in health. This museum houses a wide array of artefacts including pathology specimens including muscles and skeletons, as well as complete systems including respiratory systems and cardiovascular systems. The anatomy artefacts are also plentiful, including a head and neck, as well as a spinal cord and vertebral column. The museum also contains iPads providing supporting specimen information, including an interactive anatomical self-test resource.  

This is particularly useful for the learners who are currently undertaking their anatomy module, meaning the trip has provided a bonus to their learning experience. The learners were able to experience authentic human anatomical samples that have been donated for educational use. 

HE Lecturer in Nursing and Health Maryanne Shire said “The learners had a fantastic day, and it had a very positive impact on their learning. and it’s felt that this was a successful trip for all and something we’re keen to offer again in the future!”  

This trip forms part of the Counselling and Healthcare Careers Excellence Hub.  

By being part of a Career Excellence Hub, all of our courses are designed to make you “job ready” when you graduate. We work with a diverse range of local and national employers to ensure our courses are upgraded with career-boosting benefits, and curriculum content is relevant to today’s industry. 

At University Centre Weston, we vary a traditional classroom setting with guest speakers, trips to businesses and employer projects. Through this practice, we equip our learners with the real-world experiences and insights that set them apart in the competitive job market. In an interview, when you are able to draw on real-life experiences, this can help you stand out from other candidates.  

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