Meet Our Amazing Admissions Officer – Mike!


It’s time to introduce our Higher Education Admissions Officer, Mike!  

Mike works in the HEART (Higher Education Academic Registry Team) office and makes sure that students going through the application process have the best experience they can! 

We sat down with Mike and asked him a few questions about the application process. 

What does a day in your job look like? 

“I have a lot of different tasks to complete most days. I usually start the day processing UCAS applications, booking course discussions, responding to queries, and generally trying to make the applicants journey as smooth as possible. I also attend careers events and course discussions to highlight the amazing support services we can give to our students.” 

What is your favourite thing about UCW? 

“I love how student-focussed we are. I work in the HEART office (Higher Education Academic Registry Team) and I regularly see our team go above and beyond to help our students with whatever they need, whether it’s emotional, financial or academic support.” 

What can students expect from the application process for UCW? 

“You can expect to receive a person-focussed journey, supported by academic staff with years of experience in the industry and a HEART team who are dedicated to supporting you through your degree with us. We provide you with time specific information through the year to guide you through the process, getting you ready to join us in September.” 

What do you think student who are thinking about applying should know? 

The thought of taking out a student loan and/or maintenance loan can be quite intimidating, sparking concerns about accumulating debt. Drawing from my personal experience at university, I can confidently say that this should not dissuade you from pursuing a degree. 

It’s important to know that student loans differ significantly from traditional bank loans. They are seen more as an investment in your future, and repayment only kicks in once you secure a job with a substantial salary (currently around £25,000, subject to change). Importantly, student loans do not impact your credit score. Consequently, they are not considered when applying for a mortgage or obtaining car finance, for instance. 

For those contemplating university education, I strongly recommend exploring the details provided by the Student Loans Company on the GOV.UK website before making any decisions. This resource offers valuable insights into the loan structure and can help alleviate apprehensions surrounding financial commitments during your academic journey. 


Mike is working hard to make the application process as smooth as it can be! But let’s take a moment to learn more about Mike, and his experiences with university.  


Did you go to university? 

“Yes, I studied a Foundation Degree in Sports Development and Coaching, followed by a Top-Up BSc in Applied Sport and Exercise Studies.” 

Did you enjoy your time there? 

“I really enjoyed my time at university. I gained some great life skills, moved away from home and made some great friends. The degree I studied was similar to the degrees at UCW. We had a smaller class size (maximum 18 students) which allowed us to have discussions about subjects rather than sitting in a lecture theatre being spoken at for 2-3 hours. The staff were easily accessible and approachable and got to know me as a person, identifying the teaching style needed to help me learn new things.” 

What was your favourite memory of University? 

“Being part of the university tennis club for three years provided my favourite memories. Whether that was playing match fixtures, or the social nights out. I thoroughly enjoyed my three years and wouldn’t change a thing.” 


Thanks so much to Mike for speaking to us!  

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