Counselling learner Lianne smiling at the camera

Lianne Talks Life as a UCW Counselling Learner


Have you ever considered a career in Counselling? 

Here at UCW we design courses to be optimised for industry practice and our BsC (Hons) in Counselling is no exception! If you’re looking for an engaging degree that will develop your skills in practical and theoretical areas, support you to grow your professionalism with highly sought-after work experience opportunities and prepare you for your dream career in counselling, then look no further! 

Recently we sat down with Lianne, one of our incredible 2022 graduates, to gain some insight into what it’s like studying Counselling at UCW 

This is what Lianne Had to Say

I initially approached UCW following completion of my Counselling Diploma at another College, as it was the most local College to me that offered this course. Deciding to take the course, however, was very much to do with the welcome I received from the very start of the application process. As a mature student with a complex family life, UCW understood my circumstances and was very helpful in all aspects of the enrolment process.
I learned many skills regarding academic writing and with the help of my Study Skills Tutor, have been able to attain grades I never thought I could have! I have gained skills in the Contemporary CBT module which are desirable in modern Counselling. I have a greater depth of awareness of integrative practice, which has contributed to my confidence as a practitioner in Private Practice. Careers support has also helped me to gain an interview with an organisation as a Trainee Supervisor.
My best memory of UCW is the feeling of inclusion. In a profession that is predominately middle class, middle-aged, white women, it has been a hugely healing process to experience a cohort of people who are contributing to diversity in counselling practice. It has been an honour to be a part of an educational institution that is committed to making a change in the status quo.
I felt hugely supported by UCW throughout my course and I can say with confidence I've had a bumpy ride! As a disabled student, I have needed help with several different aspects of my learning. I also received an assessment and diagnosis for both Dyslexia and Dyspraxia via UCW, which meant I was eligible for study skills support. My study skills support tutor Nicky, was my absolute rock throughout all of the assignments, helping me to attain grades I am hugely proud of! I was able to use the HEART team for support on several occasions, who assisted me when I had challenges with my health, and home life and by helping me to make use of extension applications when I really needed them.
I can only emphasise that UCW is pioneering in its efforts to enrich the Counselling sector, by the conscious determination to widen participation!
I would wholeheartedly recommend this course to anyone wishing to advance their counselling training, or indeed anyone who would like to make a start in counselling research. This course has not only prepared me for future employment but has also given me the confidence and foundations to be able to further my studies beyond degree level. I can now see my dreams of success in academic work, becoming much more of a reality.