How Did UCW Students Spend Blue Monday?


Yesterday was “Blue Monday”  which falls every year on the third Monday in January.

It is nicknamed for it supposedly being the saddest day of the year, often associated with a cocktail of poor weather, the post-Christmas lull and stretched finances.

Although there is no evidence that any one day is the saddest, here at UCW we understand it can be a hard time of year and believe we can all use a pick my up in January!

We had VitaMinds, a Talking Therapy service designed to support individuals by providing the tools needed to get things back on track, in to offer drop-in advice sessions. 

During the evening we also had a self care night. This included a variety of skincare and snacks, along with make up done by Hair, Make Up and Prosthetics for Production students. 

Taking the time to treat yourself and be kind to your mind is so important, particularly at a time of year that can see so dark and gloomy!

Thank you to Jess from our wonderful HEART Team for organising such an amazing day of self care.