High Flyers! – Hear from our GKN Degree Apprentices


The Advanced Engineering and Manufacturing industry is growing at a quick pace, with lots of exciting opportunities to work with the latest technology available in the area.

Here at UCW we’re proud to offer a variety of Degree Apprenticeships whereby learners work and earn whilst they learn on site with a high profile employer. One of our most popular programmes is the Engineering Degree Apprenticeship which is provided through the West of England Institute of Technology (WEIoT).

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Tara and Danyal are both currently Aerospace Engineering Apprentices for world leading aircraft and aero-engine manufacturer, GKN Aerospace.

Danyal commented about his journey so far:

“You’re given a lot of flexibility as an apprentice on how to figure things out and investigate what to do.

“At the moment I’m renovation part of a plane to use as a classroom at a local school to inspire kids into engineering!” 

In October 2021, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson MP visited GKN Aerospace’s Global Technology Centre (GTC) in Bristol to see first-hand how GKN Aerospace is shaping a more sustainable future of flight.

The Prime Minister, accompanied by Foreign Secretary Liz Truss MP, officially opened the £32M centre, which was jointly funded by GKN Aerospace and the Aerospace Technology Centre (ATI). The Cabinet Ministers saw the break-through technologies being developed, from advanced and lightweight composites today, to the use of precision robotics for the manufacture of next generation wings.

Within the engineering industry, you can choose employment in a variety of locations depending on your specialism – from the office and factory floors to building sites, workshops, laboratories and plants. Tara continued: 

“There are so many roles within Engineering, it’s not all about getting your hands dirty- but you can if you want to!

“Everyday I do a little bit of something that makes a difference.”

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