Dance Degree Students Learn From World Class Choreographer Gareth Walker


Learners studying Dance for Commercial Performance, BA (Hons) were recently treated to an incredible guest lecture and workshop from renowned artist director and choreographer, Gareth Walker.  

Gareth has certainly made his mark on the world of dance, working with world-famous names in the performing arts industry! 

Since graduating from The London Studio Centre, Gareth performed on the West End before being invited to assist on Take That’s The Ultimate, Beautiful World and Circus tours. From there he went on to choreographed many music artist’s tours, award shows and major TV performances including features on So You Think You Can Dance (BBC1), The Royal Variety Show (BBC1), Strictly Come Dancing (ITV) to name a few. 

In 2012, he was the Associate Director on the Closing Ceremony for the London Olympics and Paralympics, working closely with Jay Z, Rihanna, Coldplay, Annie Lennox, Fatboy Slim, Jessie J and many more. 

Just for our learners, Gareth ran several workshops throughout the day, passing on his knowledge and industry experience from his career to our learners.  

Gareth added: “The aim of the session today was to see their technique and see how I can develop them. Secondly was to give them that mock audition so they can see what it’s like. I cast lots of dancers for lots of stage touring shows, music videos, live performances. To give them an experience of what that real world audition scenario is about and they rose to the challenge! 

“Today’s been amazing. It’s been really interesting seeing young training performers, being able to correct them, see where they are mentally and physically. They’ve been really receptive and they’ve gotten on really well.” 

If you had seen Ed Sheeran and Bring Me The Horizon’s show stopping performance at the 2022 BRIT award ceremony recently, you’ll be well aware of Gareth’s work! He was the main choreographer for the dance performance that accompanied the fire-blazing performance that had the internet and industry ablaze. 

Gareth continues: “With the BRITs this year, it’s been so long since I’ve been able to do what I do and create with a whole team of dancers and be supportive that, given the carte blanch to have 3 days for 1 number and have AMAZING talent to work with, it was plain sailing.  

“Going into a big area and dealing with COVID was obviously nerve racking, but actually being there it was just like food for the soul. It was amazing to be back in an arena with 20,000 people watching what I had created was unbelievable. The talent was just insane and working with Ed Sheeran, he’s just a constant professional.” 

“What inspires me most about performing most about the industry is the youth. The thing that keeps me evolving is the fresh hunger and the fresh talent and help nurturing them to be the best version they can be. With new artists too that put a different spin on things, makes you think differently that’s what’s most exciting is that new energy keeps everyone inspired. 

“One piece of advice that I think is really important, is do not care what other people think. Only care what YOU think. Worry about you and your journey, everyone has their own journeys and you ARE enough… No one else matters, YOU are enough.” 


We’d like to send our thanks and gratitude to Gareth for taking the time to come in for this guest lecture. An unforgettable experience for everyone!