Construction and the Built Environment (Civil Engineering), HNC/HND

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Civil Engineer At Construction Site


These courses will help you achieve your ambitIon of working as a civil engineer by teaching you how to design, build and connect the infrastructure and buildings we rely upon and take for granted.

These courses have been designed for students who are looking for a university-level and professional-standard technical education in engineering.

The HNC and HND pathway in Construction and the Built Environment (Civil Engineering) at UCW provides the skills and knowledge you will need to meet the demands of employers in this vital sector.

The courses will also provide you with an understanding of the way new technologies are transforming construction and civil engineering,
and you will also investigate other contemporary issues such as sustainability, professional ethics and statutory responsibilities.

  • Course length

    Part-time: 1 day a week for 2 years to complete the HNC and 1 day a week for a further 2 years to complete the HND.

  • Start date

    13th September 2021

  • Course codes

    Please click on the 'Entry requirements' tab for information on how to apply for this course

  • Tuition fees

    £3,250 per year (PT)

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"I enjoyed every minute of my time at UCW and am so grateful for everything I have achieved. It gave me experience pitching to and working with real clients and helped me to get out into the 'real' design world..."

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