Film and media production students at cineworld

Film and Media Arts Production Students Shine at Sold-Out Cineworld Showcase


Our BA Film and Media Arts Production students showcased their talents at a sold-out screening event at Cineworld, Weston-Super-Mare, on Tuesday. The event, a terrific success, featured a superb range of films including comedy, drama, documentary, and music videos, highlighting the incredible hard work of the students. 

The showcase, named “Emergence,” celebrates the journey of UCW’s final-year students as they transition from their studies to making a significant impact in the world of photography, film, and media arts. It’s an inspiring demonstration of the dedication and skill that these emerging artists have honed throughout their academic careers. 

The films featured in the screening include: 


Happyaholics – Directed by Star 

  • ‘For really happy people who need to embrace their doom and gloom’. 


Tides Reign – Directed by Georgia 

  • A pilot episode a team of young people who solve petty alien crimes on earth. 


Inside Hospital – Directed by George 

  • A documentary about the ins and outs of hospital radio, from past and present radio presenters. 


Ultraviolence – Directed by Jack 

  • Trapped in a silence, without friends, family, or finance – a young woman takes her only way out. 


Homecoming – Directed by Alf 

  • Returning home for his sister’s funeral, Grant stumbles upon a sinister cult, that has inhabited the town he once knew. Grant investigates the cult whilst dealing with his PTSD and flashbacks from the past. 


Providence – Directed by Luke 

  • In the modern day where the community does not communicate, the rise of the primal instinct re-emerges. Based on ideas of ritualistic dance, shamanism, druidic culture. 


Who’s There? – Directed by Martyna 

  • A young woman arrives home where she finds a bouquet of roses on her dining table. She starts finding roses around her house realising something isn’t right. 


The Quarriors – Directed by Liv 

  • A short film about a group of teenagers desperate to get famous on YouTube in 2007. 



In addition to the Cineworld event, the films from the Emergence showcase will be presented at the UCW Open Day on Saturday, June 8th, at Winter Gardens. This additional screening provides another opportunity for the public to experience the diverse and compelling work of UCW’s talented students. 

“We are incredibly proud of our students,” said Richard, our HE Lecturer in Film & Media Arts Production, BA (Hons). “It’s great to see the hard work they have put in, up on the big screen. The range of films presented tonight is a testament to their creativity and dedication. This event not only highlights their talent but also marks the beginning of their journey into the professional world.”   

The Emergence showcase is a pivotal moment for these aspiring filmmakers, photographers, and media artists, providing them with a platform to share their unique voices and stories with a wider audience. We remain committed to supporting and nurturing the next generation of creative professionals, ensuring they have the skills and opportunities to succeed in their chosen fields. 

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