Why did I become a Student Ambassador? – Meet Chris!


The amazing support at UCW is often at the tip of the tongues of our students whenever we ask “What’s your favourite thing about studying at UCW?”

As well as our friendly HEART team, the Student Ambassador team do an amazing job supporting prospective students, helping to create an inclusive and forward thinking student culture. But what do Student Ambassadors actually do?

We caught up with second year Business Management and Sustainability, BA (Hons) student Chris to tell us more about his experience as a student ambassador so far…

What are the main responsibilities of an ambassador?

My roles and responsibilities are helping potential students with whatever questions they may have about coming to UCW. So far I have done lots at our open days, guiding prospective students around the campus and helping them meet with lecturers. I think students need to speak with someone who has experience at their level, rather than just someone who is exclusively above them like a lecturer or one of the Heart team.

We also help with outreach activities with primary and secondary schools and use the messaging app Unibuddy to share our experiences online. There are also a wide range of other tasks that UCW student ambassadors can sign up to such as with the Children’s University.

Why did you become a student ambassador?

I first met an ambassador at an open day when I was interested in joining the programme. They told me what they did on the course and shared their experience. After not being able to meet with the student body much due to covid in my first year, I decided it would be good for me to pass on my experiences to help the next cohort of students. Being a Student Ambassador also looks really good on a CV so it will improve my employability too!

Do you get paid to be in the role?

You do! It’s actually really competitive. At the moment we get £9.91 per hour for the events we attend. There are jobs available every month and we can pick and choose how many events we attend. You also get a free hoodie, which is great!

How can you become an ambassador?

I found out about the programme through the UCW community tab on Microsoft Teams. I then had to fill out a simple form online form and attend an open day as a trial.


Thanks Chris! – Click here to see the please full job description. If you have any questions before applying, please contact or click here to apply online